Ensure Network Inventory Security And Optimize Network Capacity

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Today’s Challenge

Having a complete and accurate inventory is the first step for government agencies and municipalities to achieve successful Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) transitions, secure their network, avoid erroneous disconnections and assure critical services perform. Ensure you have the visibility and control of your inventory to manage network security, optimize costs and support future network planning.

If Cybersecurity of Federal Networks is a priority, how can you secure the network if you don’t know what’s on it?

Prior to the EIS transition, inventory records were extremely difficult to maintain as Service Orders originated via General Services Administration (GSA), through Agency or Sub Agencies and different contracting vehicles. Additionally, Agencies co-locate around the country, adding complexity. Normalizing address information, along with the corresponding class of service, is a difficult challenge. Any inventory inaccuracy can make migrations a challenge and produce risk.

Best In Class Telecom Inventory Solutions To Help Guide You Through EIS

We are the only company that understands Carrier Wholesale, Enterprise and Government order and invoice complexity.  Our data, supporting tools, and people ensure you maintain best-in-class rates, stay informed and secure.  We build inventories from the ground up, not just from your invoices. We combine industry data sources, carrier records and physical site survey results to produce a comprehensive telecom services inventory. Armed with accurate data, you can efficiently optimize and modernize, to save today and meet the technology demands of tomorrow. 

Sage helps Agencies tackle these challenges by utilizing emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leveraging our $24B multi-industry telecom database to ensure every service is optimized.

We deliver a software-based solution, offer a savings service level guarantee and a 99% inventory accuracy rate.

How We Help Your Agency Utilizing Software And Services

With our inFuse application, we gather disparate data sources and provide you visibility to the implementation process. We use people and tools to automate the address normalization process.

  • We build your inventory from the ground up, including physical verification.
  • We load and catalogue all source records by Agency and Sub Agency.
  • We provide you with a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based view of your inventory throughout the process.
  • We help you migrate to emerging technologies by identifying legacy services and executing available claims and disputes.
  • We provide a dashboard and workflow for continued management post- migration.

Our SaaS solution effectively empowers your staff to view inventory, search contracts, identify and track savings, to better support the current state and  future needs of your environment.  

Government Solution Vehicles

We are proud members of the Government Business Executive Forum (GBEF).  We partner with Upson Technology Group, Aesa Consulting and Cross Up to help Federal, State and Local Governments achieve their telecom and technology goals.

Providing The Tools To Achieve And Maintain An Optimal Inventory


Inventory Management

Document Management

Cost Management

Physical Audits

Are you paying too much? Our $24B telecom rates database ensures you get the best rates to suit your needs.
Gain an accurate, end-to-end view of your physical and virtual assets to identify cost savings, manage network expansion or migration and secure your network quickly and easily.

Save time, money and frustration. Instantly search thousands of documents to find the answers that you need.

Software and services that reveal billing errors faster and better than anyone else in the industry.
We provide fast and accurate physical site inventory audits that allow you to save, plan, migrate, optimize and secure.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you ensure network inventory security and optimize network capacity.