Greater Visibility And Control To Help You Migrate To Emerging Technologies

Sage Telecom Solutions For Enterprise Clients

Today’s Challenge

For businesses to compete in the digital world, CTOs and CIOs must understand emerging technologies. To migrate to new technologies and modernize your business, you need to have a baseline inventory. Your old MPLS and 4G networks may migrate to SD WAN, SIP, Ethernet, VPN and 5G.

Can an increase of your IT Budget’s SG&A from 8% to 10% yield 1% Top Line or EBITDA increase through a technology upgrade?

Unfortunately, Carriers do not always help. Ordering and Billing is complex.  Many invoices are truncated and omit valuable information necessary for compiling inventory. Billing errors guarantee any inventory exercise solely reliant on said data, will not be accurate. New technology may be more simplistic, but the billing is typically new and unreliable.

Let Our Unique Perspective Help Give You A Technology-Driven Competitive Advantage

Since 2004, Sage has helped over 100 members of the Fortune 1000 list save $100M+. We benchmark the telecom industry to establish the prevailing market rate on behalf of our clients, leveraging our $24B multi-telecom industry database. We then extend that intelligence to our clients, to guide procurement and contract negotiations across a range of services including voice, data, wireless, cloud and SaaS. We are the only company that understands Carrier Wholesale, Enterprise and Government rates. 

We build inventories from the ground up, not just from your invoices. We combine industry data sources, carrier records and physical site survey results to produce a comprehensive telecom services inventory. Informed and detailed inventory studies equip your business to modernize and optimize while meeting the demands of your clients and staff alike.

Finally our advanced AI driven auditing tools, put the power of 1,100 automated audits at your disposal. We provide savings recommendations that are then executed by your dedicated Sage account management team.  

We deliver a software-based solution, offer a savings service level guarantee and a 99% inventory accuracy rate.

Our Solution

With our inFuse application, we gather disparate data sources and provide you visibility to the self-funded implementation process.

  • We build your inventory from the ground up including physical verification.
  • We load and catalogue all contracts and documents.
  • We benchmark your baseline inventory against your peers.
  • We dispute, we optimize, we source, you SAVE.
  • We help you migrate to emerging technologies.

We provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that empowers your senior staff to view inventory, search contracts, identify and track savings.

Providing The Tools To Achieve And Maintain An Optimal Inventory


Inventory Management

Document Management

Cost Management

Physical Audits

Are you paying too much? Our $24B telecom rates database ensures you get the best rates to suit your needs.
Gain an accurate, end-to-end view of your physical and virtual assets to identify cost savings, manage network expansion or migration and secure your network quickly and easily.

Save time, money and frustration. Instantly search thousands of documents to find the answers that you need.

Software and services that reveal billing errors faster and better than anyone else in the industry.
We provide fast and accurate physical site inventory audits that allow you to save, plan, migrate, optimize and secure.
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